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Visions Unlimited Academy provides a private school community focus with public school access. It is a non profit charter school funded by the  Arizona department of education and  free to those who enroll.  The staff has a powerful set of unifying value that keep us focused and energized:

    1. firm belief in the individual worth of the child and the unique contribution of the parent
    2. deep appreciation and skill in using Reading , Writing and Mathematics teaching strategies that tap each child’s inner strength.
    3. diagnosis of learning progress and timely intervention.
    4. individualized education programs to address the needs of the child
Vision Students
Jacob Nelson, Jennella Macias, Kiara Salazar, Esther Coleman, Karisma Salazar

Visions staff members are partners with parents to guide children toward greater understanding of themselves and their capacity and toward meaningful academic achievement. We believe learning starts with an understanding of the student and spend time learning the student needs and incorporating them into academic, social and even sensory learning experiences.

As a no cost to the student Charter School, Visions Unlimited Academy is open to all who apply restricted only by enrollment capacity numbers. We will never have a class over 22 students but frequently have a waiting list in one or more of four multiage classrooms.

Enrollment is open and the school is accepting registrations. If you are looking for a partner to support you in your child raising goals, please call us at 520-586-8691. It is a good, caring place for children to learn.

Visions Unlimited Academy teachers and paraprofessionals are highly qualified, focused and well trained to support your child’s learning. Instructional staff are Sarah Meisner, Marie Conarroe, Joy Yakovlev, Gretchen Zibart, Liz Meisner, Lenae Sigley and Tree Tackett. The staff is deeply committed to supporting learning guiding meaningful experiences using Workshop approaches to teach the Arizona Academic Standards. You can find the curriculum maps that guide our classroom instruction on our Academic Focus page. Click here for our Improvement Plan.

 Rhonda Seabase works to keep the accounting just right and Terri Green guides our local and state assessment efforts. Rocio Cornejo keeps the place home kitchen clean and Javier Macias takes pride in grooming the grounds.

Drop by for a tour and visit. Thank You,

Richard Valentine

If you want to keep track of our daily doings, we recommend our Facebook page.

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